Why us?

Why us?

Široko i raznovrsno iskustvo u različitim industrijama

Vast and versatile experience in different industries

The company has vast and versatile experience in different industry branches and tech processes, both in the private and the state-run sector:

  • Insurance – – with our strategic partners among insurance companies we have been engaged on numerous systemic processes and apps in insurance and reinsurance…
  • Banking vast experience in numerous systemic processes – loans, controlling, digital payment…
  • Education – since 2002, we have been engaged on technical organization and management of the final exam and high school enrolment for all pupils of final, namely 8th grade of elementary schools in the Republic of Serbia. Have in mind the longevity of this process, we can say that our experts are also leading national professionals in this field. Each year, the process is expanded and new integrations and options are added but the job is always done precisely, accurately and on time
  • Business (ERP) solutions – we have implemented MSNAV, we have developed our own solutions in financial and inventory and material accounting, we were in charge of monitoring of supplies , capital assets register, salary calculation etc.
  • State government – in charge of numerous projects for the Office for Information Technologies, the Finance Ministry, the Defense Ministry etc.
  • Projects of European institutions – we have participated and managed projects organized by European Commission (FP6-FP7), UNDP etc.

Holistic approach to solutions and services

Since the very beginning, our imperative is to try to offer a comprehensive service to our clients, based on a “turnkey“ principle, which frequently includes business analysis, analysis of change of processes in the future, proposals of solutions, harmonization of project targets, project management, preparation and realization of additional ICT requirements, software development in different environments, integrations with other systems, tests and quality insurance, as well as further maintenance.

Holistički pristup u pružanju rešenja i usluge
Fleksibilnost u pristupu i načinu angažovanja

Flexibility in approach and engagement method

Since the launch of the project, time and method of engagement which hinder the standard business process of the client in the least possible way are agreed. As much as possible and in case it does not clash with project goals, we tend to keep the existing habits and procedures in the client’s process, in order to make transfer to the new system as easy as possible. The methodology of realization of the project the client finds more acceptable and optimum is agreed and adopted.
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Depending on the project and the client’s needs, project targets can be achieved based on the fixed price model principle, or based on the time-material model.

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Timely and constant communication with the client

Open and transparent communication between all involved parties is the essence of each successful project is the essence of each successful project. Communication bears importance in every project stage – from the business analysis stage and definition of targets, via realization stage, to the maintenance and continuous training of staff in charge of the newly-minted system, in order to ensure its optimum use.

From this very reason, all services we provide are based on the agile approach – regardless whether it is traditional, Waterfall or modern, Agile, methodologies, we are always trying to achieve the best possible two-way communication with the client, with the highest number of iterations in every project stage.

Pravovremena i stalna komunikacija sa klijentom
Stabilnost, preciznost i tačnost

Stability, precision and accuracy

The essence of business trust and long-term cooperation envisages the fulfilment of all tasks in the agreed volume, according to the method and within the deadline also agreed upon.
We pay special attention to fulfil all our tasks in the way the client expects us to do and in the way the project envisages, regardless of the fact whether it is a developmental stage, the warranty or the maintenance period.

When the circumstance and needs require, we also provide 24/7 urgent support – all in accordance with the tasks we agreed to fulfil.

Monitoring of modern technology trends

Monitoring of technology trends and innovations is the condition of survival in all industries, especially in the IT industry because technological environment is not changing so quickly anywhere. In order to maintain its position in the market, each IT company must implement planned and continuous professional development of its staff.

Each year, in EON, we analyze the current situation with the technology stack of necessary know-how and skills we expect from our staff, we adopt a plan for the year to come, and then online training and practical tasks are provided for the employees, all in accordance with the set targets. In this way, monitoring of technology trends is supported and provided in a systemic and strategic way.

Praćenje savremenih tehnoloških trendova
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