Software development

Software development

A good software cannot annul the mistakes in the set-up of a business process, nor can a well set up process shine unless the accompanying software is a good one. The client can expect progress in its everyday work only in case both process and software have been installed properly and harmonized.
Software development, as a basic tool for automation and improvement of the client’s business process is one of our core competences.

Software development process completes a full circle which includes:

  • Business and process analysis;

  • Definition of demands within the desired deadline and budget;

  • Definition of architecture of the system, wireframing, and prototype preparation when necessary;

  • Software development (program development);

  • Testing;

  • Production and warranty period;

  • Maintenance and further improvements


In the software development process, we believe that business analyst, project manager and software architect play very important roles and our experts at these positions have at least 15 years of experience (often even more than 20), both in immediate software development, as well as consulting services.

All services we provide are based on agile approach regardless whether these are traditional, Waterfall or modern Agile (SCRUM, DSDM..) methodologies, with the constant drive to establish as best as possible two-way communication with the client, with the highest possible number of iterations in each project stage.

We especially underline the following services and solutions we are offering:

Web and cloud solutions and applications – functional, fast, safe and scalable business applications adjusted to different sizes and screen orientation

Platforms for integration of different systems and other integrations –microservices, SOA and RESTFUL web services, iPaaS, integration of data etc.

Development of large and small date bases - analysis and design of data bases, scalability and optimization

Management and data analysis systems – Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Big Data...

Internet and Intranet portals – in accordance with current technology standards, adjusted to different resolutions and screen orientations, using your or ours graphic solution, relying on the CMS tool, and, when necessary, integrated with other systems such as BPMS and DMS tools, eCommerce modules etc.

B2B and eCommerce solutions - integrations with other b2b systems, digital payment systems, eCommerce solutions etc.

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