Evolution Online – EON has vast experience in all kinds of outsourcing in different industries and we can offer different types of services including:

  • Engagement of individual experts, in accordance with required technological profile, as addition to your teams.

  • Establishment and engagement of entire development teams, in accordance with required technological profile and integrated into your project/business process.

  • Outsourcing IT operations – our experts take over responsibility for agreed segments of your IT operations Learn more

  • Outsourcing business analysis and establishment of business process – our experts take over responsibility for preparation of independent analysis of your business process, as well as proposal for its improvement Learn more

  • Outsourcing of management and project management – our experts take over responsibility to manage your project.

Depending on requirements and types of engagement, our resources can operate
  • within our business premises using our equipment and software (on-line services),
  • within your premises (on-premises), using our or your equipment.

In accordance with the agreement, responsibility and project management can be your responsibility (tactical outsourcing), or our (strategical outsourcing).

Optimization of costs – hiring an IT expert is pretty expensive, but there are significant differences worldwide and employment of experts from different regions might be very cost-effective.

Optimization of time (time to market) – by reducing the hourly rate, you create a possibility to employ more resources, which accelerates development process.

Solving the problem of the lack of internal resources – development project requires more internal resources, sometimes impossible.

Flexibility of implementation of resources – external partners are engaged while there is the need for them – duties end together with their employment period, which is not the case with internal resources.

Solving the problem of fluctuation of resources – fluctuation of resources and trainings for new people are becoming a problem an external partner must solve.

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