The company possesses vast and versatile experience in different branches of industry and technological processes, both in private and in state-run sector:


With our strategic partners among insurance companies, we have been engaged on numerous system processes and apps which include both core apps for insurance sales (property, car insurance, life and health insurance, accident insurance, damage, re-insurance, online sale of insurance policies etc.) and many other adjoining processes – ticketing system, legal office work module, logistics, procurement services, marketing, apps to monitor field agents’ work activities, the intranet portal as a hub for app management etc.


Since 2002, we have been constantly engaged on technical organization and project management for the final exam and high-school enrolment process for all final-year elementary pupils in the Republic of Serbia. Our distribution software enrolls tens of thousands Serbian elementary school pupils in high schools every year, enrolment rules are changing every year and becoming ever more complex and comprehensive. Having in mind the longevity of this process, we can say that our experts are biggest national experts in this field. At the same time, we have developed an entire information system for faculties, with a student service package, which monitors all faculty levels (BA diploma, as well as MA and PhD studies), subsystems for entrance exam processing, via student file, student campus module, registrations for attendance, yearly enrolment, student exam module etc. We are a standing partner of the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation in different projects analyzing student achievements and quality of work of the school system.


Vast experience in numerous system procedures such as:

  • Loans for physical and legal entities, integration with BPMS tool of the decision-making system;
  • Digital payment – implementation of different solutions and new technologies in the digital payment field, proper implementation of PCI-DSS standards;
  • Financial analysis, monitoring and cost control, preparation of financial statements, planning and monitoring of plan implementation effectiveness, business case analysis, segmentation of results, plan and analysis of capital;
  • Guarantees and accreditations (loro and nostro).

Business (ERP) solutions

We have implemented MSNAV, developed our own solutions in the field of inventory and material accounting, supply supervision, capital assets register, salary calculation etc. We have developed and implemented financial processes both in the private and the state-run sector, as well as NGOs and associations which employ per project. Our solutions have been implemented both in small and medium-sized, as well as large companies. The retail sale module of our company was the official retail module of NavExpress program package (Ms Navison for small and medium-sized companies).

State administration

Digitalization, as a driver of reforms within the public sector enables completely new ways of communications between the citizens and the state, state institutions with each other, and between the states. We are proud to partner with the Office for IT and eGovernment, the state body running state-run digitalization projects, as well the eGovernment public service where we have been actively engaged on projects of state importance.

Projects of European and international institutions

Since 2007, we have participated on the projects financed by the European Commission, within financing projects FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020. In addition, we have been a partner and managed several projects financed by UNDP and IOM.

Why us?

  • Vast and versatile experience in different industries;
  • Holistic approach to solutions for challenges;
  • Flexibility in approach and method of engagement;
  • Timely and constant communication with the client;
  • Monitoring of modern tech trends;
  • Stability, precision and accuracy.
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