Business analysis and management and automation of business processes

Business analysis and management and automation of business processes

Each business software, service or system accompanies certain business process. In case the business process is wrongly installed, no software can correct that, and the client will never receive the expected results. And when the process is installed as it should be, the client often concludes that everyday tools, such as MSExcel, can respond to numerous needs.

A well-done business analysis, namely detailed and real functional and technical specification of wanted system which accompanies a well-defined business process can freely be perceived as 50% of the project well done.

Biznis analiza i upravljanje i automatizacija poslovnih procesa

With an aim to install the process, as well as define project targets, the business analysis is undergoing through different stages:

  • recording of existing situation (As-Is system analysis) – based on vast experience and knowledge of numerous business processes, as well as implementation of special techniques and interviews, we can establish the existing situation of the process with the client – interested parties are defined, the process course and conditions;

  • analysis of presented project targets by the client and reconsideration of their foundations – the starting point of each new project is to analyze the client’s request, and not take any “for granted”, but, in conversation with the client, we should determine what is in the essence of the business need the project is the result of. From these conversations, we can often confirm that the client’s request does not address the essence of the issue, which should be followed by the redefinition of the request;

  • analysis of the need to change the process, potential future changes and necessary robustness of the system – each business process and needs change in time, and they can lead to the inadequacy of the previous system. In that sense, a proper analysis must include the analysis of potential future changes of the process, and to offer a process robust enough to accept the mentioned changes;

  • analysis of feasibility of project targets – following determination of general targets, we conduct an analysis of feasibility and cost estimates, namely time for the realization of different scenarios necessary the fulfillment of project targets;

  • redefinition of business process (when necessary) – in case we determine that the established business process is inadequate, or that modifications would contribute to better robustness in the future, we start with the redefinition of business process;

  • definition of project targets in comparison with the determined business process, budget and deadlines – most often, project targets and capacities outnumber the budget – maximum in the fulfilment of project targets within the budget and necessary deadlines is defined jointly;

  • preparation of design and process documentation – each outgoing document consists of business processes described in detail, specification of interface with external systems, data code, function and non-functional demands, implementation of other relevant data as well.

We help our business partners to catalogue and register other business processes as well, with the implementation of some of the standard BPM tools (Business Process Management), or development of specialized tools for this purpose.
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