About us

About us

Evolution Online – EON company was founded in Belgrade as a response to the growing market needs for specialized services in the IT sector.

At the beginning of the 3rd industrial revolution, companies’ business philosophies have experienced major changes. The activities are transferred to digital platforms, processes are automated and autonomous IT systems created to make a shortcut between service providers and end users.

In such circumstances of accelerated growth, there is a growing need to connect versatile systems, integrate small systems into big ones, as well as the need to develop specialized parts of the system (or entire systems) which cannot be bought in the market as part of standard package.

By paying attention to the market needs and guided by the wish to offer our clients a comprehensive solution, we realize that the precondition of every solution is a profound knowledge of business process, as well as all specific features of client’s business environment, as well as good communication and timely support.

Today, Evolution Online is a team of IT professionals who are ready to get into the essence of your business process, prepare an adequate analysis, which does not include only the current situation, but also the projection of future needs and trends, provide a proper solution and apply it in the most optimum way from the point of view of your current, as well projected future needs.

With such an approach, dedication and successful realization, our clients, as a rule of thumb, become our long-term partners, and we gain vast experience and knowledge about business processes in different fields, something we now believe is our major advantage.

Our vision...

… constant, stable and sustainable development of the company. We would like our company to be the synonym for high-quality services and solutions, good communications, as well as desired and reliable partner in the market of specialized ICT services and digital transformation.

Our mission...

With innovative services and solutions, our aim is to help set apart our clients from the competition, deliver high-quality software, make sure that its use is optimum, which includes continuous cooperation with the clients, have our solutions really perceived as solutions to the problem and support, and not as additional task, and for our clients to grow together with us.

Why us?

  • Vast and versatile experience in different industries;
  • Holistic approach to solutions for challenges;
  • Flexibility in approach and method of engagement;
  • Timely and constant communication with the client;
  • Monitoring of modern tech trends;
  • Stability, precision and accuracy.
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