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Banca INTESA – system integrations and migrations in implementation of new core system

About Client

Banca Intesa Belgrade is part of Bank of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of leading groups in the Eurozone, with more than 400 years-long business tradition. With a team consisting of more than 2,500 employees and a business network with 156 branches in almost 100 towns in Serbia, it is one of the leaders with a leading position in the Serbian market in terms of total assets, total loans, total deposits, and total equity level.


With an aim of further improvement of business environment, constant modernization and digitalization of business processes, the bank has launched the implementation of the new central IT system based on the FlexCube platform, one of the best global solutions in this field. The replacement of the existing central IT system is a challenging project, but, having in mind the complex environment such as the one in Banca Intesa, it is clear why this project has been informally dubbed the largest IT project in Serbia in 2019.

The new core system has brought in new functionalities which enabled acceleration of certain activities and the entire business process but also envisaged the need for adjustments and integrations of all other satellite apps (sales apps, BPMS tools, support apps etc) to the new central system.

The integration of these apps requires specific business and engineer knowledge and the engagement of external resources with certain, specific expert knowledge is often necessary and that is when we came in.


Our experts were engaged on the activities related to analysis, design and implementation of integrations of a series of satellite apps with the central IT system.

The most complex integration is also the biggest responsibility. On this project, it was the integration of the main system in charge of submitting, approval and realization of requests for different financial services and products for legal entities (loans, credit lines, overdraft, limit etc.), which is one of the largest part of the portfolio of the entire Bank.


Banka Intesa Belgrade


Large company


Project is closed, the system is in use.

Development of special-purpose software

MSSQL Oracle FLEXCUBE RestFul webservices

Oracle FlexCUBE

Specific features:
Specific responsibility in realization of services for processing of multi-million transactions

The first thing to solve was the question of technical integration method – although certain frameworks were set, still there was enough room to propose a different and a more universal concept , different than the standard solution and the initial idea. The realization of the integration platform which envisaged a universal system of integrations of different services and app segments was proposed, as well as high level of automation and robustness (due to contract confidentially clauses, we cannot share more technical details). People form the Bank have recognized the value of such platform and approved its implementation.

Although the realization had to be done within exceptionally short deadlines (the project did not envisage this service), the realization of the integration platform was successfully completed.

However, the realization of the integration platform was only the basis, namely the foundation, which was suppose to support and accelerate the main work, namely integrations of services and process apps with the new central system. Upon the realization of these integrations we were supposed to pay attention to various specific features of the business process – very complex math calculations, proportional, comfortable methods of calculations of interests, grace periods, intercalary interest, default interest, interest groups, different fees, costs, connections with lines etc. In addition, we have also successfully enabled the new central system to exchange information with the main process management system in all key segments of banking business such as revolving loans, one-off and multiple loans, with defined tranches and without defined tranches etc.

Within this integration stage, the new system of integration platform turned to be exceptionally efficient and enabled to complete all integrations successfully, precisely and efficiently.


The engagement of external resource with extensive technical knowledge, as well as knowledge in a specific business segment (banking), on analytic tasks and integrations has significantly contributed and enabled successful realization of the entire project, solved the issue with the lack of internal staff for the realization of a project of this scale, also reduced project and operational costs, as well as the time necessary for its realization in comparison with the realization of the project with internal resources option.

When the new central system was launched, the Bank also started the analysis of successfulness of all segments and project stages, as well as indicators of performances of all included parties
Within this analysis, the solution for the integration platform we have designed, offered and realized has been evaluated as the most successful in the field of integrations and it was decided to transfer all other integrations to “our” integration platform, the project we are currently engaged on.

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