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UNIQA insurance – strategic partnership since 2009

About Client

UNIQA Serbia is a member of one of the leading European insurance concerns – Austrian UNIQUA Group, doing business in 18 European markets with 9.6 mil clients and a 200-year-long tradition. In Serbia, it has operated for more than 20 years. Ever since its foundation, UNIQUA has made as many as 3 mil policies with more than 500,000 people of different generations, levels and types of education and life plans, large and medium-sized companies, the experienced and the beginners.


The cooperation was launched back in 2009, and turned into a strategic partnership of two companies in time.

With the first successful project, a genuinely successful cooperation has been established, and only got better in time and our mutual relation advanced from a professional to a friendly level.

During more than a decade-long cooperation, numerous small or large projects have been realized and they entered all business domains of insurance companies. We have realized numerous apps which include the following:

  • Different core apps for the sale of insurance policies
  • Uniqa Web portal with more than 10 apps, including eCommerce apps for online sale of policies;
  • Intranet portal of Uniqa osiguranje;
  • Ticketing system;
  • System for company contract management;
  • System for company procurement management;
  • System for online recruiting (group solution);
  • System for lead and sales campaign management

Uniqa Serbia


Large company

2009 ̶

Strategic partnership constantly updated with new projects

Development of special-purpose software, Business analysis, Project management, Outsourcing, ICT infrastructure

HTML CSS Javascript Jquery .NET ASP.Net C# MSSQL MS Reporting Services

Projects have realized based on different types of engagement of our company – from project approach to classis outsourcing and our experts have often been “leased” for a period of 4 to 5 years.

A large-scale regional project of replacement of core sales and financial system is under way and we have been engaged on the development of new core app, as well as integration of new financial system with sales apps and migration of entire and decades-long Uniqa portfolio into a new system.

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